About us

Welcome to ENMAA LEGAL TRANSLATION, We are proud to provide the highest quality translation services in UAE. We have the fast and most effective solution for your translation. We rely upon expert certified translators, proofreaders to ensure quality of work.


We constantly keep your documents privacy as a top secret matter. All your information and documents are subject to our strict confidentiality policy and can not be disclosed to any other party unless you obviously inform us to do so.


We offer the best rates in each type of translation. The rates are determined by the following factors.
• Source and target language.
• Number of words.
• Nature of text.
• Deadline.
• Others

Quality at Source

Efficiency is gained by not only reviewing the source content at the beginning but also implementing review and control points at critical steps throughout the process.

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Mission & Vision

We aim to be one of the most pioneering translation services providers in UAE and the Middle East region, and to provide rapid and accurate high quality translation services for a variety of customers which exceed their expectations.

Our Services

Legal Translation

Our certified translation is well-recognized & accepted for all types of official submission in all embassies, consulates, institutions in Ras Al khaima,UAE. We also have translators who are specialized in formulation of POAs, articles of association, agencies agreements, employment contracts and all other contracts and agreement in consultation with very professional and wide experienced Staff.

Financial Translation

For fast and accurate translation of financial communications in all world languages, choose ENMA. Our clients include international financial services firms, financial research companies. All have come to appreciate the expertise and customer focus we bring to translation services. Our banking and financial translators offer you the ideal blend of cross-discipline expertise and professional service delivery capabilities.

Business Translation

As business is becoming increasingly global, business translation is vital for any company aiming to work at an international level. However, business cultures still vary from one country to another in terms of standard practice, expectations, manners, and styles of writing. Choosing Cultures Connection for your company’s international development is the guarantee of high-quality translation services. Our specialized translators in business and marketing translation are selected based on their degrees obtained and their level of experience in the field. We have translators available for many different language pairs.

Literary translation

Finding a professional company for translating literary works is one of the hardest things you will ever do. After all, translations of great works of literature throughout history have only been done by the best possible people for the job; these translations have stood the test of time even though they’ve been scrutinized and criticized by just about everyone alive who speaks the target language; and many people have actually given up their translation efforts half way because they found that the task was simply beyond their ability to do justice to the original.

Other Services

  • Documents.
  • Correspondence.
  • Contracts.
  • Laws
  • Court Verdicts.
  • Brochures.
  • Medical Reports.
  • Certificates (Marriage, Birth, etc.)
  • Books, Website, etc.

Why Choose ENMA


We deliver fast, accurate language translation services to our local and international clients in various sectors.


Our top-notch team of highly skilled native speaking professional translators provide you with the highest-quality work and deliver the best translation possible.


It’s our understanding of your business needs, our strong commitment to provide you exceptional levels of quality and customer service that set us apart from other translation companies.